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    New model with BRASS manifold is in production. Photos and info will be updated soon!

    Terminator Tonearm

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    Terminator standard kit - new BRASS manifold model

    Basic price is 1050 EUR + postage at cost

    This includes the Carbon Wand with copper Litz wiring / Molex connector, pump, smoothing tank, 5m of hose & relevant fittings.

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    Carbon Wand

    130 EUR if ordered separately

    Carbon Wand with copper Litz wiring / Molex connector. Can be retrofitted to any Terminator. You can have one for every cartridge, and simply swap them in 30 seconds. And no need for second tonearm - every wand will keep azimuth and tracking force adjustments.

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    Digital VTA Gauge

    49 EUR

    Optional tool that can make your VTA setting accurate and repeatable.

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    Shielded Copper Litz with RCA Eichmann Bullets

    Upgrade for basic kit - 50 or 65 EUR depending on the length, 

    The Terminator Pro basic kit includes copper Litz wiring / Molex with RCA sockets. But you can order instead a shielded (after the grommet) Litz wiring with high quality RCA Eichmann Bullets that will be connected directly to your RIAA preamp, so there will be one cable from the cartridge to the RIAA. You can select either 60 or 90 cm cable. I have some stock of original famous Eichmanns with gold-plated tellurium copper (CuTe) contact pins.

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    Although we don't actually work in one, we are still a "cottage" industry. All of our components are assembled by hand in our own workshop, not mass produced in a factory or out-sourced overseas. We typically build to order and rarely maintain an inventory of finished pieces.


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    Follow the payment instructions. We will carefully pack and ship products in 3 days. Any question you can email us.

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